The goal isn’t just to be sober, the goal is to build a life you don’t need to escape from.

The goal isn’t just to be sober, the goal is to build a life you don’t need to escape from.

With me as your recovery coach, I will be your unwavering partner in sobriety. I will tell you the truth instead of what you want to hear. We will work in conjunction with your support groups, including your therapist, 12 step sponsor and outpatient program.

As someone with over 20 years of recovery, I understand and utilize the tools needed to achieve long term sobriety. My program encompasses total wellness, as there is more to getting sober than not drinking. The goal in recovery is to live life to the fullest without self destructive behaviors. We will work closely to develop and maintain emotional sobriety.

I have a network of professionals in nutrition, fitness and wellness. It is imperative to have the right team of experts to support your sobriety.

“Anything we put before our sobriety, we will eventually lose.”


  • Regular attendance at recovery meetings
  • Obtaining and staying current with a sponsor
  • Finding a home group
  • Service commitments at recovery meetings
  • Working the steps with your sponsor
  • Attending therapy appointments and out patient programs


  • Maintaining a nurturing living environment
  • Personal hygiene
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Nutritional planning
  • Morning and evening routines
  • Daily spiritual practice
  • Exercise routine
  • Creating a safe and healthy social life
  • Financial budgeting
  • Finding your passion

Family Support

  • Family buttons are a real thing. We all have triggers.
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Respecting boundaries

Career Re-entry & Transitioning

  • Each person has a unique set of circumstances. Some professionals choose to be open from the beginning about their recovery. Others keep it private.
  • You will have discreet confidential support through out this transition so that you can re-enter or transition with confidence.

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