One on one personal accountability

One on one personal accountability

90 Day Accountability Program

Research shows that it takes 90 days to create sustainable change. That is why I developed my one on one 90 day program.

I have been living this lifestyle for over 20 years and continue to evolve and grow personally and professionally. If you are tired of the weight loss roller coaster and want to gain clarity and start living life to its’ fullest, I am here to help propel you with a plan that is both inspiring and attainable.

We start with a 90 minute consultation going into depth to fully understand your challenges, your insecurities, your daily routine, and determine what you want to accomplish. This allows us to design the best course of action for your personalized program.

Accountability Program Consists of:

  • Pantry and refrigerator clean out

  • Learning to decipher food labels

  • Practical and fun food prep

  • Dining out together to learn how to maintain your clean eating lifestyle

  • Travel strategies for maintaining your clean eating lifestyle

  • Commitment to becoming current with all medical and dental appointments

  • Setting attainable weekly/monthly goals
  • Personalized morning motivational text

  • Daily check-ins

  • Weekly Zoom or FaceTime sessions

Make this your last program by taking the FIRST STEP.

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